Koa – Taste your impact
Shaping a joyful future together

The cocoa pod consists of a thick shell that protects the inside. The beans of the cocoa fruit make up about account for about 25 percent in Ghana. The pulp is another 25 percent. The remaining 50 percent of the fruit is the shell. Thanks to the utilisation of the cocoa pulp with innovative processes, the use of an existing natural product is promoted and the ecological footprint is reduced at the same time.

This creates additional income for small farmers and stimulates economic growth in rural Ghana thanks to new jobs for the young population.

The high-quality Koa Pure is distributed worldwide by Fruit Group outside the German-speaking region.




Koa Pure – The Original

Koa Pure is a fresh, 100% natural cocoa fruit juice without additives. The juice is pasteurized and packed airtight in a convenient bag-in-box and stored refrigerated. After opening, Koa Pure has a shelf life of 30 days.

The juice comes from small-scale farmers in Ghana and goes directly to the world’s food and beverage producers in the best quality.

Koa Pure is available as a cardboard bag-in-box (3L) or a cardboard/plastic basket (10L).

Koa Philosophy


The farmers and the local community played a central role in shaping this process. Their knowledge helped Koa to develop the production chain in a way that respected the needs and traditions. For a successful partnership, it is crucial that the farmers are part of the whole.

Koa has been able to build partnerships with over 1200 farmers from 35 communities.

During harvest time, the farmers can now benefit from a second income by selling Koa the fresh cocoa fruit juice. The increase is up to 30% of what they earn from selling the beans alone.

In addition to local investments, Koa has created 35 jobs in Ghana and seven in Switzerland within two years.

Quality & Traceability

Traceability is given on a granular level: Starting from the unique product code of each product batch, Koa enables complete traceability of the products and thus of the impact and product quality throughout the entire value chain. As soon as the fruit arrives at the CMPU, Koa digitally tracks its path all the way to the warehouse in Europe.

All stages from harvesting and mobile processing, through transport to the packaged product are monitored at control points. The end products are subjected to regular microbiological checks in collaboration with the internationally certified SGS laboratory.


Koa Pure comes directly from nature – without additives. The raw material balances tropical flavors of intense sweetness and exotic acidity. Thanks to its diverse range of flavors, Koa fruit juice is the ideal ingredient for both savory and sweet industrial cuisines, opening up numerous new culinary possibilities. Koa is already finding approval among various star restaurateurs and well-known food manufacturers.  

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