The ideal ingredient for beverages

The sweetness of Koa Pure in combination with tropical, fruity notes makes Koa an exciting «mixing partner» for various beverages. Thanks to the fascinating flavour profile and the smooth texture, the 100% natural cocoa fruit juice is an innovative ingredient.

The story behind Koa, however, is the cherry on the cake. By upcycling the cocoa fruit, food waste is reduced by 40% and cocoa farmers earn an extra income. The Swiss-Ghanaian startup cooperates with more than 1,600 smallholders and processes the fruits right next to the cocoa farms with solar power – 100% transparently traceable.

For innovative beverage manufacturers, Koa delivers not just a unique ingredient but also a story to share with the end consumer. A new way of tasting impact!

What makes Koa Pure ideal?

Koa Pure is perfectly suitable for a wide range of products including Ice Tea. Felchlin used 15% Koa Pure to create their Cocoa Ice Tea and the outcome is excellent! It’s a vegan Cacao Ice Tea made with Koa Pure. ⁠⁠Max Felchlin AG uses their organic cocoa shells, which are infused in a finely tuned organic Ceylon black tea.⁠ ⁠
Organic cane sugar is added to round it off while the natural organic lemon juice is used to give the taste experience an even more refreshing touch.
This exclusive cocoa drink is sustainable and natural without any added flavours or preservatives.

Are you interested in Koa Pure? Let’s talk about how this ingredient can be used for your own products. We would be happy to develop a new idea together.

What makes the difference?

Koa has made it its business not only to provide high quality products but also to have a social impact.

Koa works with 1,600 smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana. The utilization of the cocoa pod enables the farmers to earn additional income and at the same time creates new jobs in rural Ghana. Through the production of Kao Pure, food waste is avoided and side products can be further processed. This means that the product not only supports the cocoa farmers, but also the environment.

Koa aims to work with 80,000 smallholder farmers by 2030 to bring about sustainable change in cocoa farming.

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