Fruit purees, concentrates and juices
in large and small quantities

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Fruit-Group is a young company and part of the CT Finance AG group of companies. From the cultivation of fruits, processing, research of new technologies and commercial operations, the group is committed to a transparent supply chain.

We offer high-quality purees, concentrates, juices, IQF, flavors and much more for food processing industries. In addition, we distribute the brands Koa and Canoa.
As a producer and supplier, we attach great importance to sustainability, fairness and invest in projects that enable us to reduce food waste and feed the ever-growing population in the future. We also pay attention to this in the selection of our partners We also focus on conserving resources for our customers by incorporating the entire value chain from farm to fork. This philosophy unites all companies within the group.

Fruit purees, juices and concentrates in bulk quantities

Fruit Group can supply a comprehensive range of fruit purees, juices, concentrates and more from a variety of different fruits in bulk loads and also in small quantities.

the cocoa fruit
to Koa


Koa Pure is a versatile ingredient, both for food and beverages. Its intriguing flavor profile and smooth texture make the cocoa fruit juice a delightful addition to the culinary world. Discover the potential of nature and let creativity run wild.

Fruit puree
from Canoa

Canoa fruit puree is pasteurized or frozen fruit puree made from pure fruit harvested when ripe, packaged in convenient portions and guaranteed fruity freshness thanks to its multiple uses.

The carefully pureed fruits come from small Colombian farmers and are optimally processed to avoid any waste.

Group of companies

The group consists of various companies in farming, farm management, processing, logistics, marketing and sales. This allows us to guarantee traceability and food safety.