Ice cream + Sorbet

It’s only recently, that the world discovered that the cocoa fruit has even more to offer than beans: The delicious white pulp of the cocoa pod.

It comes with an exciting new flavour and especially at low temperatures, the exotic fruity taste unfolds. Koa Pure, a 100% natural cocoa fruit juice, opens up new possibilities for ice cream and sorbet makers with a sustainable vision.

Why is Koa Pure ideal for ice cream and sorbet?

Thanks to the gentle processing, the original aroma of the cocoa fruit is preserved. Besides aroma, sweetness is an important factor for iced creations. Koa Pure naturally provides it. The sugar composition and naturally preserved fibres are ideally composed to result in a low freezing point and stabilisation of the ice cream matrix.

What makes the difference?

Koa works with 1,600 cocoa smallholders in Ghana. The utilisation of the cocoa pulp enables farmers to earn an additional income and at the same time creates jobs in rural Ghana.

Koa aims to partner with 80,000 smallholders by 2030 to sustainably transform cocoa farming.

Cocoa fruit juice for responsible
value creation


Koa is extracted from the colourful cocoa fruit, harvested in the beating heart of the Ghanaian rainforest. Not only does its sweet and unique taste wow people – it also carries great social and environmental change.

From cocoa fruit
to Koa


Koa comes straight from nature – without any additives. As we gently process the fresh fruit, we put great emphasis on working in harmony with nature and the farming communities. As a result, the culinary world enjoys a fascinating ingredient opening up new possibilities.

The tasty way of exploring


The cocoa pod consists of a thick shell that protects the inside. In Ghana, the beans make up around 25% of the cocoa fruit. The pulp is another 25% and the rest is husk. Thanks to the utilisation of the cocoa pulp, with our innovative processes, the use of an already existing natural product has become a reality – creating added value.

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