Koa is ‘Sirha Innovation Award‘ Winner!

We are extremely proud that our partner Koa is now allowed to officially communicate their placement as “Sirha Innovation Award” winner as well as their new cocoa fruit juice concentrate, Oabika, by Valrhona and Koa. 

Beverages refined with Koa Pure

The sweetness of Koa Pure in combination with tropical, fruity notes makes Koa an exciting «mixing partner» for various beverages. Thanks to the fascinating flavour profile and the smooth texture, the 100% natural cocoa fruit juice is an innovative ingredient. The story behind Koa, however, is the cherry on the cake.

Koa Ice Cream

It’s only recently, that the world discovered that the cocoa fruit has even more to offer than beans: The delicious white pulp of the cocoa pod.
It comes with an exciting new flavour and especially at low temperatures, the exotic fruity taste unfolds. Koa Pure, a 100% natural cocoa fruit juice, opens up new possibilities for ice cream and sorbet makers with a sustainable vision.