Tomato Paste

There are two types of tomato paste – Hot Break and Cold Break – and they are used to make different end products. To make Hot Break (HB) paste, the fresh tomatoes must be heated immediately after chopping to a very high temperature (ranging from 85 to 100°C). Cold Break (CB) paste requires the fresh, chopped tomatoes to be heated at a lower temperature (ranging from 65 to 75°C). HB paste is usually used for ketchup and different types of tomato sauce requiring a 28-30° Brix, while CB paste is mainly used for triple concentrate paste at 36-38° Brix, packaged for domestic use.

Packaging: Aseptically packed in sealed laminated polyethylene bag within a 240 kg metal drum

Origin: Zimbabwe, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, China

Harvest time:
Zimbabwe: August to March
Egypt: June-September, December-March
Turkey: July to August, May to June
Iran: June to October
China: July -August